Visual methodology of the manufacturing processes


There is a great variety of controlling methods to make easier the business day by day processes,
but just a few invest on professional’s development as an administrator of the process and/or specific function.

That being said, the Fluxogama method aims to make the visualization of the production process on its whole,
shippingand supplying, which is supported by theleaders administration.

Why this method should be implemented?


To have a clear control over the schedule of its leaders and production teams. It allows leaders to ask for results and follow the daily processes, and to make sure the objectives are being reached and the client’s needs are being met.


To forecast delays, mistakes and daily analysis, to then create tactic operational strategies and implement solutions.


To establish a didactic language, creative, and of easy understanding,and productive in organizations.


To implement a standardized method created to maximize de production system, through a wide range of colors as visual facilitators, and of easy understanding to the overall group.


To obtain colors, numbers and quick answers, facilitating the communication and production processes in the business.


To reach total control, efficiency and integration of the processes.


Presentation of the
methodology, phases
and work schedule

Assessment of the
Production Management process
and available resources

Creation of an
individual and
unique methodology

Desired initial
implementation would
be ineach new
production cycle

Technical support
during the implementation
of management tools,
and verification of the steps implemented

Evaluation of the
obtained results


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